Brad Hopkins (evil_admiral) wrote in grad_online,
Brad Hopkins

Starting grad school early?

So... I was advised by admissions over email this evening (this is what I get for not checking my personal email at work and being a good boy) that a spot is open in my MS program for the Fall that I could enter into, where-as I was in slated to start in January (remember: part time program here). Money isn't a problem. Work isn't as much of a problem in one sense since there is a MBA campus up here where I work, so I could take a couple of classes in the fall that I need (like a "gateway" Investments/valuation course and a business modeling course for example) and I wouldn't have to travel very far, or get off incredibly early.

The only bad thing right now is that I don't like my job at all. I won't rant here, but suffice it to say I am looking for a job which pays better and is more intellectually challenging (billing is interesting for only so long). Assuming I do get other, better offers, I don't know where they might be. For example I could get offered a job ten miles away, thus making the University's central campus much more convenient and the MBA campus less accessible. *shrugs indecisively* Thoughts?
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