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Hello there.  

I'm a not currently enrolled in graduate school, but seriously considering it.  Sometimes, I wonder if it is more work than I'm wanting to deal with because right now I'm full-time employed with a family.  

The reason I would consider going back to school is for teaching.  Honestly, I don't see myself working in business (I'm a CPA) forever.  For the time being, it is suitable but here at a public accounting firm or working for a private company just doesn't doesn't seem to fit in the long term.  What I can envision myself doing is teaching at a university.  It just seems like a long road to get there.

Here is a question - how long did it take you to apply, take the applicable exams, and start classes?  I wonder if I'm too late for this upcoming fall semester.
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i originally applied to the UF MBA program (i currently live in Gainesville, FL) but was rejected from it. that process took about 2 months between gathering everything and taking my GMAT. i started checking around for an online program and found East Carolina in Greenville, NC that i could attend in person if i wanted too. i contacted the grad office and within about 3 weeks i had mailed everything in and was accepted. i am really pleased with the program and the professors, etc. i'd recommend looking into online classes for sure especially if you still work full time. you shouldn't be too late to apply for fall, depending on your school. best bet is to email or call them and find out.